When I set out to complete my oral history project, my uncle was the first person to come to mind as my migrant. Prior to this project, I had really no idea what to expect because all I had really known was that he was from Sweden and that he played football in college. I never realized how uncomfortable I would feel asking my own uncle certain questions. Especially regarding his green card and whether or not he was actually a legal citizen yet or not. This project really opened my eyes to a world I had known about but inadvertently chose to be ignorant about. I had read about the struggles of transnational migration for the past four months but actually hearing about it from someone I love and have known my whole life opened my eyes to a struggle that I’ve never known.

This project, while awkward and uncomfortable at first, eventually led to my uncle actually opening up to me and divulging information I never would have known. I’m proud to know that I was able to accurately depict his own life and I’m even more proud to know that I have created something not about my uncle, but with my uncle. I’m excited to know that his children will eventually have the opportunity to look at this website and learn a little about where they come from and who they are.

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