famI miss Sweden quite a bit. I do my best to follow the news, talk to my friends and family via social networks like Google chat, Facebook, and Skype, and my parents have visited every year for the past ten years. europeThey always bring stuff over when they come, mostly candy. There’s really great chocolate in Sweden. But it’s funny, they usually bring a suitcase full of gifts for my wife and small children and empty it and then fill it back up with toys for my niece and nephew in Sweden because toys are a lot cheaper here.



Julio and his three children, Elizabeth, Grace, and Rose.

When I go back to Sweden, sometimes I feel like no time has passed. A lot of the people are still doing what they used to and my friends are family ties usually just pick up right where they were left off. It’s really nice. I really do miss Sweden a lot; I find it really difficult to be away from my family and friends. The summers in Sweden are so nice because of the perpetual daylight. It’s nice to be able to show Holly and the kids where I grew up and to show them the culture I grew up with.fishing We had our first child, Elizabeth, in 2009. She is the most interested in learning about Sweden and about the Swedish culture so far. Our second, Grace, was born in 2010. She’s what you might call a wild child, but she will do pretty much anything her older sister does and so has become more and more interested in learning about Swedish culture because of that. Our third daughter, Rose, was born in 2013. She’s still too young to really comprehend who she is and where her family comes from.  What’s nice is that I’m still able to share my Swedish culture with my children even if we aren’t in Sweden. We try to go to midsummer celebrations over here where we live during the summer and they like to talk about Sweden quite a bit. Every now and then they are even interested in learning some vocabulary and such.