I’ve been back to India several times now, but Lee and I didn’t go until the kids were grown. I’ve been in Iowa for about thirty years and we first went in 93’ and then again in 96’ because we didn’t feel like we could afford it and this Lee’s health got bad and his doctor said, “When he gets his new kidney, you can book a flight.” When they got a transplant though they called and said, “Hey, book that flight!” So we went and had a great time and we ended up going again, so we made two trips.

My family has also come here. I actually had a brother who happened to be in the States before I got here. He came on a scholarship and he was in New York. We both came at a very crucial/critical time for this country and what was going on in India. My brother went to college in Charleston, West Virginia, a segregated college. A white college. But he ended up going back to India.