Iowa MapAs we were starting our journey to the states, we raised money to come on a tourist visa. My Dad came back to Mexico to get us, and my Uncle, my brother, my mom and I took off for the states. We came with $750 and only brought the small stuff. I was allowed to bring one bag of toys, which I still have. My mom also packed some clothes and some dolls that she had while she was growing up.

The plan was to stay in the states for a little bit and then go back to Mexico. We took a plane to Missouri, and then went from Missouri to Iowa. We came to Des Moines because there was a meat packaging plant on the south side of Des Moines. This actually brought a lot of immigrant workers, but my dad decided he didn’t want to do that, so he had to find something else to do.

When we first got to Des Moines, we went to the south side of Des Moines. There was a huge Latino population there, so we could stay somewhat hidden. We could get away with just living our lives and not having to fear deportation or having to fear ICE coming and getting us. We were able to hide within the white population.

High School