Jonas Europe

Julio in Italy in ’09

I have had the pleasure of knowing Julio Sanchez almost my entire life. His lively and charismatic personality has never ceased to make every person he’s around clutch their sides with laughter. In 2003, Julio became a permanent member of my family as he married my Aunt. Twelve years and three children later, he now lives a mere five minutes away from my parents in a small Wisconsin town. He can’t get away from his grill no matter what the weather is like outside and spends countless hours outside with his kids tending to his vegetable garden.

wikIt recently occurred to me that I have known Julio almost my entire life, yet knew very little about his immigration story. All I’d really ever known was that he came over from Sweden where he met my aunt in college. It was because of this that I felt he would be the perfect candidate for my oral history project.

Early Life