Penny and Lee Furgerson Wedding

I got to know Lee’s family right away. We finally knew we were more than friends. I was in school busy trying to finish up and I went to New York to do Shakuntala and while I was there he came and he said, “you better come to Iowa”. So I did go back to Iowa but I had been sending all of my stuff to India because I felt I needed to go back to see things in perspective. I felt that Lee and his family were very embracing of me because they wanted me to stay. They didn’t want me to be alone and they didn’t want Lee to feel like he’s now trapped. But I had to go back to India because I was on a student visa and I felt that because you’re in a different country, like when you change into another phase in your life you just don’t know whether you’re seeing everything in perspective. I honestly just felt like I really needed to be around home and family and see things in perspective. But the chooser was God.

We decided we’d both go together to America. So that’s how it happened. It was a lot of letters going back and forth because long distance calls were expensive. So, I didn’t go back to India and I ended up staying because of Lee. We had these big plans to join the Peace Corps and going to India because I was a city girl. So we had all these plans but then we got married. He had his own business, a TV business, but it wasn’t making any money and then I got pregnant with Lee and he decided to go back to school. Even then we were thinking that once he finished school we’ll go someplace else but then we had more kids and decided Iowa was a good place and it was close to family. His family.