We consider ourselves to be so progressive in the US, which is interesting to me because people are so disconcerted at the idea of a woman president when India and almost all of the third world countries had women in leading roles. I’ve seen a lot of radical changes. Who would’ve dreamt we’d have a black president? I feel as if people want to confine you and I have trouble with that mostly because I personally want to do some things in dance that also combines the sciences. Society is talking about STEM so now I’m an advocate of putting an A and calling it STEAM. I’m such a strong advocate because the arts combine science. I’m using it all the time!

I remember the first phone call I made to India that was given to me as a present by the Blanks’. It cost 20 dollars a minute or something and you had to arrange to make that long distance call. You could hear the operator in London and then in Cairo and they’d say, “Okay, we’ll connect you to Bombay” and I could hear was my father say, “Hello, Hello?!” So a lot has changed since then.

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