Before choosing Drake I went on a visit to Ann Arbor, Michigan. I had a chance to go there because of my dancing. It was a really good scholarship but I don’t regret choosing Drake. I loved being in pharmacy but my family roots have always been in social justice and civic duties. My parents were always involved in the arts but my mother and grandmother used to man a clinic; they were with the Red Cross. I used to accompany them so I kind of continued that cycle in my own way with pharmacy.

School was very different for me than it would be for some others because of my family background. At first I didn’t think I had a different family background from anybody else but I became much more aware of it when I moved to the US. I was surprised when I came to Drake and went into pharmacy that so many people questioned me, why pharmacy? There were only three women in pharmacy in the whole university, which kind of surprised me. But I was used to being an outcast. I was a misfit my whole life. I never fit into anyone’s mold so I never thought anything of it. There were not many people of color at Drake, period. When I first came to Drake there were about thirty international students so I didn’t question why women weren’t in pharmacy or in medicine in general because I grew up in a family that believed gender couldn’t hold you back. I was working so much during school. I work at the dining hall to cover my meals and at the dorm to cover my room and on the weekend I worked at the pharmacy so I could have some pocket money.