Starting this project I was not really sure what I would expect. I had talked to my grandparents and other older people who had immigrated to the states, but that was back in the “Good Ole Days”. I had never met someone my age that had come to the United States in his or her childhood. I am so glad that Hector was the person that I was paired with for this presentation. I did not really know what to expect, and I was very nervous.

Before I began, I had asked some people on campus about Hector, and I did not hear a single bad thing. I was told things like “Hector is a strong leader”, “he is so nice”, and “he has a strong voice”. After meeting Hector and learning about his life, I realize that he is an amazing person.

Hector taught me something that I will never forget. A person should not be categorized by their documentation in a country. People are not illegal, people are humans, and should be defined by themselves, not by if they are “legal or illegal”.

Hector is a strong activist that fights for not only his rights, but also the rights of other immigrants in the United States. He has won many awards, and is fighting for equal rights for all students on Drake’s campus. Hector is graduating in May of 2015, and will be continuing to make the world a better place through his activism.


My mind has been opened to what it is like to be an immigrant, and what it is like to be an activist. I can now see the progress as a country and as a school that we have made, but I can also see the changes that we will have to make in the future to ensure that everyone has equal rights.

I can’t wait to see where Hector ends up in life, and what else he does to better the world. I am also very thankful that he let me get a glimpse into his life so that I was able to create this oral history to show others.

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