Interview 2

P: What was life like in Sweden when you were younger? Do you have any key memories?

J: Life was good. We had a small family, and I did a lot of various club sports such as hockey, soccer, martial arts and also chess, which allowed me to meet a lot of nice people. We also did a lot of downhill skiing and fishing as my grandmother on my dads side lived close to a major ski resort.

P: Can you tell me more about where you grew up, of home?

J: I grew up in a small suburb of Sundsvall called Bergeforsen, about 4.5 hours north of Stockholm. We lived in a 1200 square foot home

P: What were you like as a kid? Favorite childhood memory?

J: I was perfect! haha I was just a pretty normal kid, we spent a ton of time outside in summer

P: How did you get into American football?

J: After having done martial arts for 8 years, I wanted to try something else. They didn’t have rugby in my city, and I went and tried american football. I borrowed a helmet and shouldrpads, and we practiced inside, and I just loved it!

P: How was the documentation (migration) process for you? Were there any challenges?

J: I had a student Visa, then after marriage I got my green card. It was a pretty straightforward process

P: Were there any factors that challenged your decision to come to the US?

J: It is tough to leave friends and family behind.

P: Can you talk about the first time you really considered the US your home?

J: I think after graduation, marriage and landing my first permanent job.

P: What are some of the greatest challenges that have faced here? Successes?

J: Sweden has what is referred to as Jante-Lagen, which pretty much means “don’t toot your own horn”, which made it hard to interview/get jobs etc. I have had a lot of professional success, with several promotions and I am respected for my technical expertise.

P: How has faith played a role in your life in the US?

J: I went through the process of becoming catholic during the preparation for the wedding. We involve our young kids in church masses etc

P: What was your first job in the US? What did it entail?

J: After graduating I didn’t find a jpb in my major right away, so I worked at the Linden cheese factory where we made Blue Cheese

P: Why did you decide to study computer science?

J: Always enjoyed the technology aspect, and wanted to learn more about programming

P: Can you tell me about how you and Holly met?

J: We met at a party at a fraternity house in Platteville

P: Can you tell me more about your college experience as a whole?

J: I enjoyed college. I think it is an awesome mix to be a student athlete, as well as involved in the Greek life. I have always had it pretty easy in school, so I didn’t spend that much time studying either.

P: Can you describe your current relationship with Sweden? How connected do you still feel with it?

J: I follow the news, talk to friends and family via social networks, and my parents have visited every year for the past 10 years

P: What is it like returning to Sweden?

J: Sometimes it feels like no time has passed, many people are still doing what they used to, and friends and family ties are just picked up where they were left off.

P: Can you compare your political involvement in Sweden and the US?

J: I’m not very involved in politics in either country

P: Do your return trips in any way alter your memories of living there? Is it as you remember it? How has it changed or stayed the same?

J: Stayed the same, but it is great to show it off to Holly and the kids eventually

P: What do you miss most about Sweden?

J: Friends, family and summers with perpetual daylight

P: How have you passed on Swedish culture and traditions to Anneli, Emily, and Ashlynn? How do you intend to continue to pass on these traditions?

J: We try to go to midsummer celebrations over here during the summer, we also discuss things once in a while and also sometimes they are interested in learning some vocabulary etc.